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was the cold war inevitable August 24, 2017 by russiafeed russian-american relations today can be described by kennan’s phrase: “a new cold war” on may 2, 1998, the journalist thomas l friedman published a column in the new york times based on an interview with the dean of american students of russia, george kennan “i think it is the beginning of a new.

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I disagree i believe that the cold war was the virtually inevitable sequel to world war ii as long as they were both fighting nazi germany, the united states and the soviet union had reason to. A top strategist says a cold war between the us and china is almost inevitable pictured: us president donald trump and chinese premier xi jinping. But is cold war ii really inevitable although appeasing china's drive for hegemony in asia is unthinkable, every realistic effort must be made to avoid militarisation of the region's diplomacy.

To what extent was the cold war inevitable with the end of world war ii (wwii) in 1945 began the cold war, an international conflict that lasted from 1947–1991 and plagued nations across the globe. As long as humans are unable to reconcile differences without violence some form of war is inevitable the cold war was a result of truman's policy of containment as a strategy for avoiding a hot war with the soviets. A quarter-century after the end of the cold war, the world unexpectedly finds itself in a second one this state of affairs was anything but inevitable, and it is. The inevitable cold war at the end of world war ii, two super powers emerged: unites states and russia these two countries are the main reason world war ii was brought to an end after the war, there were many disputes on solving the problems in a weak and much damaged europe.

I'm assuming that your professor is asking if the cold war was inevitable starting somewhere between 1920-1950, in which case, i do not know the us was already a dominant power, and russia was rising, so i would argue that some sort of competition was inevitable however, the. Nuclear war is inevitable (revelation 15) the risk of nuclear weapons the nuclear freeze movement, the discovery of nuclear winter, and the end of the cold war led countries to slash the global nuclear stockpile by about 75. Was the cold war inevitable df fleming international studies 2016 2: 1, 25-41 download citation if you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice simply select your manager software from the list below and click on download. Inevitable 1 the “nature” of the soviet union (gaddis) ideology: marxism-leninism view of history that capitalism is shot through with contradictions and will, eventually, fall that capitalist nations, in competition with each other, will go to war with each other—that’s what they had done in wwi, that’s what they did in wwii. Is a new cold war with russia inevitable or is terrorism the real enemy more sophisticated weapons are needed, and the eu should play a more effective role richard norton-taylor.

The civil war was inevitable because the south's way of life was different from the north the south was mainly into farming when the cotton gin was invented, most farmers started to grow cotton. Historians do not like to say that anything is inevitable they prefer to emphasize contingency and human agency in historical developments in the case of the cold war, however, it is certainly. Was the cold war inevitable ideological conflicts the occurrence of the cold war was almost inevitable the framework for the ideological conflict of the cold war was in place by early 1918.

4 nature of the ussr and the us when speaking about the cold war, the nature of both of the main actors is necessary to understand the reason why it all happened and why cold war was an inevitable result of the world war ii. The 'new cold war' was never inevitable in a decade, today’s russian peril will probably seem as deranged as the red scares of the 1920s and the 1950s. It is inevitable that a trade war between china and the us will escalate into a new cold war, and the confrontation will press beijing and washington to form their own alliances and divide the world into their spheres of influence – a deja vu of the old cold war days when the us and the former soviet union vied for global dominance.

  • War can be avoided by making peace arguments, analysing the situation and finding the solution satisfying both the parties but sometimes we are so driven by our ego and we deny the peaceful agreements ,then war is inevitable.
  • This is so because the cold war is seen to be an inevitable war that was beyond the control of the two the cold war however can be traced back to as early as 1917 when the russian revolution war began.
  • Was the cold war inevitable-----arts1271 essay -----16th september, 2011----- the orthodox view of the cold war elucidates its inevitability due to the great ideological differences that existed between the soviet union and united states.

Is nuclear war inevitable image this titan ii icbm, now in a museum, carried a nine-megaton warhead credit credit jeff topping for the new york times when the cold war. The paper argues that the sequence of events following the second world war provided the foundations which unavoidably led to increased tensions and an ensuing cold war. In the end, the cold war was inevitable as a result of the conflict of interest between nations, whether it be the ideological gulf between communism and capitalism or the determining the political future of eastern europe, which was ultimately fuelled by the unstable post world war ii environment.